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Climate Smart Agriculture & Livelihood Project

The project is being implemented in Makueni and Machakos counties in six sub-locations which includes Kathyaka, Utithini, Kiou, Muvau, Mumbuni and Kavingoni.The total beneficiaries are 3141(2717 females & 424 male).

The ultimate goal of the project is to improve food security and sustainable livelihoods for small holder farming households in Machakos, Makueni and Kajiado counties.


  1. Conservation Agriculture
  2. Promote drought tolerant crop varieties
  3. Integrated Pest Management
  4. Kitchen garden establishment
  5. Post-harvest management
  6. Agroforestry
  7. Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration
  8. Livestock Integration
  9. Village Saving and Loaning Association
  10. Soil and water conservation techniques
  11. Agriculture marketing
  12. Gender mainstreaming
  13. Farmer exchange visits
  14. Income Generating Activities project (Makinga brick making, hay bailing, Incubators for hatching chicks)


  • 6307 farmers have been recruited and trained on CA principles, of this 1602 are male and 4705 are females.
  • 5637 farmers are practicing 2/3 CA principles with 1289 being males and 4347 being females.
  • The total acreage under CA is 1375 acres. 75% of the farmers have increased their acreage from ¼ acres to over ½ an acre.
  • 102 Village Saving and Loaning Associations (VSLA) have been formed with 3145 farmers, 766 are males and 2379 females with a revolving fund of 3 to 3.5M. The benefits associated with VSLA include paying school fees, buying food, poultry and other livestock, buying farm inputs and meeting other family needs.
  • 9 aggregation centres have been formed and linked with potential buyers, both local and regional.
  • 12 policy and advocacy forums have been held and 9 policy champion farmers trained to push for policies that promote climate smart technologies at county levels.
  • 12 field days have been conducted where 3145 farmers attended. CA information was disseminated and more linkages created.

Patricia Nzulu

A farmer from Vinya wa Ngomano cluster, Kavuthu location, Makueni County on her Conservation Agriculture plot with sorghum inter cropped with pigeon peas.

Joyce Ngumbau

Joyce is from Mbande Uimi wi Kindu cluster, Kwa Kavisi location, Makueni County with her Conservation Agriculture farm covered by dolichos lablab


Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB)

Our goal is a world without hunger.

We work toward this goal by: providing food in times of crisis for hungry people in the developing world; helping people grow more food to better feed themselves and their families; and providing nutritional support to malnourished people with a focus on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and young children.

We also advocate for public policies that enable families and communities to better feed themselves, and look for ways to engage and educate Canadians about global hunger.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

MCC is a global, nonprofit organization that strives to share God’s love and compassion for all through relief, development and peace.

As an Anabaptist organization, we strive to make peace a part of everything we do. When responding to disasters we work with local groups to distribute resources in ways that minimize conflict. In our development work we plan with community and church groups to make sure the projects meet their needs. And we advocate for policies that will lead to a more peaceful world.