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Water Projects

Our Water projects involve Environment Conservation and Water Harvesting through construction of sand dams, water tanks and shallow wells.

UDO works with groups of small holder farmers in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands which are characterized by long dry seasons which leads to water insecurity.


In 2020, 3 sand dams were constructed, 2 in Machakos county and 1 in Kitui county. The sand dams harvest rain water in seasonal rivers and the water is used for domestic use and irrigation. Sand dams raise the water table on the seasonal river and a new micro climate is created making the environment better to live on even by other animals like birds.

The achievements associated with water harvesting and construction of sand dams are:-

  • Construction of 1,573 sand dams up to date
  • Digging of 1,874,680 metres of terraces
  • Construction of 64 masonry water tanks

Sand Dam Construction

Manyanzalani sand dam construction in Ikalaasa location, Machakos County

Shallow Well Digging

Muthongolwe Self Help Group, Ikalyoni Sub-location, Makueni County during a shallow well digging.


Shallow wells improve the quantity and quality of water accessed from the sand dam by community members. The benefits of shallow wells include:-

  • Reduced time spent queuing for water since refilling jerrycans with the hand pump takes a shorter time
  • The risk of deep scoop holes collapsing is reduced
  • Water contamination levels are reduced drastically.
  • Water management can be done with ease
  • Women and girls feel secure fetching water from the shallow well hand pump than having to enter into huge scoop holes during the dry season
  • Animals cannot fall into the shallow well since its enclosed, unlike the scoop holes

UDO has implemented 15 shallow wells, 11 in Makueni County and 4 in Machakos County.


August 2019 - July 2010


The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund is the Anglican Church of Canada’s agency for sustainable development and relief. With the support of Anglicans across Canada, PWRDF partners with organizations working to increase healthy pregnancies and births, reduce gender inequality, relieve hunger and break the cycle of poverty in the world’s most vulnerable communities. Against a backdrop of climate change, PWRDF strives to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.</p?

Working towards a truly just, healthy and peaceful world.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, although distinctive in government and practice. The Army’s doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasise God’s saving purposes. Its objects are ‘the advancement of the Christian religion… of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole.’

APA Insurance

APA Insurance was formed after the merger of the general insurance businesses of Apollo Insurance Company and Pan Africa Insurance

APA Insurance underwrites General Insurance risks such as Motor, Agriculture, Marine, and Micro Insurance. We also underwrite Individual and Family Health Insurance. Our products provide customers with peace of mind, helping both businesses and individuals to return to the same standing following a loss or other unfortunate event.