Our Friends visit us!

The organization hosted 8 different groups of international visitors during the quarter, both family teams, individuals and institutional organized teams that came to see, learn and also engage in some our projects. They were all full of praises for the sand dam technology terming it as a successful community approach that has great potential and visible benefits to the beneficiaries. Some of the visitors included, a team from Park view Mennonite Church , Canadian Babtist Ministries, Mennonite Central Committee(MCC) International directors from across the globe, Germany students from a study tour in Kari on Dolichos lablab, the ECHO hub partners, the Hostetler family among others. The MCC country representative Rand Carpenter also took time to take a three day familiarization visit to U.D.O. A newly employed MCC staff Daniel had a stop over to learn from fellow MCC partners on project implementation before departing to Northern Kenya.


The team comprising of 36 MCC Directors visited the Kaiti SHG mega sand dam funded by Prairie wind Mennonite church, constructed  in memory of the late Ron Peters who was a member of the church. Ron Peters daughter was part of the team and she was quite emotional during the visit to the memorable project, she reflected back to the times when her dad used to work with the community in Kenya some years back.She was moved and happy to see how worthwhile the project is to the community. The team was amazed by the beautiful work the communities were doing through UDO and were happy to be part of the helping hand. Ralph Swartzentruber, a visitor who came with the Park view team summed it up in one sentence, “you are doing a life changing work for the communities, and may God bless each and everyone”.

Parkview visitors get gifts from Muthongolwe

During the period, we also received participants from other organizations coming for exposure tours to our projects.The knowledge and experience gained from this visits will help other partners to serve their communities better. Among them included Makueni- ASDSP who saw a great potential for partnership in value addition. Others included, Kickstart International promoting the Money Maker irrigation pumbs , Juhudi kilimo, KIPPRA, MALF, Land O Lakes among others. We look forward to establishing stronger networks with partners in order to serve the communities better.

UDO is grateful to all the teams that came to learn, share and experience in search for solutions to challenges facing the community .

We look forward to hosting more teams as the year progresses.We are an open and welcoming community, try us and we will never fail you!

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