Our Impact

UDO has achieved a milestone in providing sustainable solutions to communities living in the ASALs through holistic community development approach.-using this approach, projects involve; water harvesting, digging terraces, planting indigenous trees and improved agricultural practices. These efforts have not gone without recognition:

• UDO emerged top 3 among the organizations that are promoting sustainable land management in Sub- Saharan Africa. This important recognition is “the 2014 UNDP Equator prize for Sustainable Land Management in Sub-Saharan Africa”. The award is led by the Equator Initiative in collaboration with UNDP, OSISA, GEF, ENDA and UNCCD.
• In 2015, UDO received UNCCD Accreditation for its efforts in combating desertification and land degradation.
• UDO is income tax exempted by the Kenya Revenue Authority.
• Decreased distance to get water (one way) from average of 11kms to 2.6kms.
• decreased time to get water from an average of 6.2hours to 54min.

Through partnership with different donors UDO has attained the following metrics; constructed 1,651 sand dams; trained 4,795 smallholder farmers; planted 1,116,254 trees, dug 1,888,180 metres of terraces; built 8,586 water tanks; constructed shallow wells and established 2 protected forests.
Together with the community, we undertake the following activities