Our Mission

Utooni Development Organization works with community self-help groups to help transform their environments in a sustainable manner. We aim to enable farmers to improve water supplies, food production, income, and health through sand dam construction, inter-community education, and other sustainability practices.

We believe that if you give people access to clean water and provide the proper education, the community can do the rest themselves. This idea is the keystone of our work: Community Participation. All construction, tree planting, terracing, and farming is done by the members of the self-help groups, not our staff. By doing this, we help those who want to help themselves. Learn More

Sand Dam

Sand Dams

Sand dams are reinforced concrete walls built across seasonal river beds to hold underground water in aquifers in the sand that collects behind them. They may be one meter (3′ 3″) to four (13′ 1 ½”) metres high… Read More

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